Generate or convert text, programs, documents, or reports of any format or language
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Generate or convert text, programs, documents, or reports of any format or language

Generate or convert text, programs, documents, web pages or reports of any format or language

Have you ever written a program whose main purpose was to generate text? And do you still like to write things such as:
System.out.println("some mini-piece of text");
thousands of times? Have you ever thought: "There must be an easier way"? Well, if you have thought that, read on ...

Welcome to the wonderful world of UniT!

UniT is a new category of base technology, a mixture of a text template and a very simple Java-like programming language which generates any text-based format. UniT has full access to Java and can be used to do various things that have something to do with text generation.

UniT is similar to JSP, but it is more platform independant, more general, more flexible, easier, smaller, and cleaner.

What can you do with UniT?

For example, the following applications are possible:

  • Access any data source, e.g., databases, files, networks, parsed input, or any systems or products that have an appropriate Java API, such as content management systems, web shops, or application servers.
  • Generate dynamic XML, HTML that contain information from any data source. Such dynamic web pages like those of search engines or online-shops can be embedded as CGI or servlet.
  • Generate static web pages or any other text-based document format such as HTML, XML, SGML, PDF, RTF, Word, .ps, LaTex, or any company proprietary format ... anything!
  • Generate any report or
  • export text-based data from any product or data source.
  • Convert text-based data into another format, for example, parse XML or any other document format with an appropriate tool into memory, access it with DOM, and generate other text formats from it with UniT.
  • Generate code/computer programs, e.g., C, C++, Java, SQL, or even ASP, JSP, or UniT-programs, e.g., within your integrated development environment wizard
  • Generate documentation, e.g., for computer programs, similar to Javadoc, but with any format and layout you want.
  • Generate test data, e.g., for automatic tests.
  • Replicate or synchronize data between programs or data pools.

Further applications depend only on your imagination, your goals, and your products.

Download the unrestricted, non-commercial version of UniT now!
It's about 220 KB including this whole site and examples.
With the download you accept the license agreement.

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